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I let myself in with your spare key. The house, quiet and still. Closing the door softly I pad my way to the stairs.

I glance down the hallway, taking small steps I peek into the rooms as I pass. I see people sleeping, the quiet morning rapture yet to wake them. Then I spot your room. The click of the latch makes me flinch, hoping it hasn’t woken you. I slip inside, deftly and close the door once more.

There you are lying, asleep, the top of your naked breasts visible to me as they rise and fall in your quiet slumber.

I edge to the side of the bed. Removing my coat, I place it on the floor. Followed by my jumper, then shirt.

My boots are next… slipped off and pushed to one side. I unbuckle my jeans. Carefully not making a sound and pull them down as the bulge of my hard cock leaps free. Pooled around my ankles I step free of my clothes and a step nearer you.

Watching as you rock gently in your dreamland, stroking my cock above you, staring at your breasts, those lovely mounds of soft flesh, just makes me harder for you. My prize is waiting. You’ve teased me enough. And that day you loudly told your boyfriend about the very same spare key I used, you knew I was listening, you wanted me all along. You knew your boyfriend was too chicken shit to do it, but not me, my cock’s been rock hard ever since I heard you say it. Watching you all these years, yearning for the day when I can finally be inside you.

Now is that time.

I reach down, pulling back the covers, gently lower my weight beside you. I slip my legs in behind you wrap my body up again. I need to be swift, smooth, calm… holding my cock downwards I shuffle forward, resting it between your thighs softly pressing below your ass. I move my body closer you shiver as the hairs on my chest tickle your back, you rub your legs against mine enjoying the extra warmth, rolling my cock up and down between your thighs.

I reach around you, softly placing my hand on your thigh. Rubbing softly, reaching down, further, lifting your leg and feed my cock through the warm gap. There it lay, hard cock pressed between your legs, feeling the warmth and growing wetness of your pussy. I reach beneath you, my arm cuddles you, my hand placed in front of your face. Then in a swift movement, I push my dick upwards as my hand clamps down around your mouth. My arms all around you, you try to fight, but the feeling as my cock rises inside you is too much of a distraction for you.

You bite my hand, I almost cry out, until I realise it wasn’t that sort of bite. Your eyes are closed and there isn’t much fight, safe for a little wriggle of your hips against me. You know who I am, you knew all along, you were just willing, waiting and wanting me to do this for you. To take you like the little slut you are, to have a real man fuck you as you deserve.

My hands find your ample breasts as my hips move freely and at pace. Slamming forward into you, deeply. You feel the shaft of my cock rubbing across your inner walls making your quake with every stroke, the perfect rhythm the perfect pace. “Fuck me, please” you whisper through gritted teeth.

Of course baby, I think as I continue running my hands up and down your body. My fingers find your clit, as I ram my steely cock into your pussy I rub your sensitive spot. You buck in my arms, willing me deeper. Driving myself forward into you I keep going, over and over. “Please! Right there” you almost scream at me as my fingers and cock take you completely.

You grab my arm almost holding on as if not to fall. Then you bite down, I feel my cock grow harder as you convulse around. I can’t take it anymore, your orgasm exploding forward, your juices flowing over my skin like a warm blanket, my balls twitch and my cock moves no more, the slightest movement and my cock erupts deep inside your soaked pussy… filling you deep and full with my hot thick cum, our juices mixed for the first time… but it won’t be the last….


I, personally, love this freaking story :)

I’ve seen you, through my window. I watched last Saturday as you watered your plants. Walking around in the still summer air. Your loose white vest blowing in the breeze. I watched as the material of your soft cotton shorts hung closely to your skin. Bending over as you pulled at the weeds. I saw you wave as my wife said good morning. Your beautiful smile lighting up as you engaged in smalltalk. She told you she was going away for a few days for business, of course she is. If her business is fucking her new intern she is, I thought. My gaze catches your legs, gleaming as you stand there under the luminescent sun. Golden skin shimmering as tiny droplets of water cascaded downwards, racing each other to the ground. My eyes travel higher, briefly resting at the shape of your mound, hidden from my eyes but not from my lust. My sight lifts as i take in your heaving breasts, unfettered by anything but your vest, straining against the fabric. They move as you laugh politely at my wife’s joke. My gaze is stopped for a moment as my wife turns, picks up her bag, waves farewell and goes to her car.

As the engine fires up and pulls from the driveway, “Thank god,” I say to myself. As my hand once again grips my hardening cock and I return my gaze over the fence. You’re not there! I look around but can’t see you. Frustrated that I’ve missed my oppotunity my mind wanders as my hand moves slowly up my length. Thinking about my wife and her adulterous affairs. God I’m pissed. Just then a flick of light catches my attention.

You’re back, and it’s just what I was hoping for. As you place the sun lounger down, unfolding it in the middle of your garden, I watch, my hand never stopping. You leave for a moment returning with sun cream and a tall glass filled with some interesting blue liquid. Then you were gone again. Time seemed to stop as I waited, hard cock in hand, watching for the slightest movement. Then you stepped out of the doorway. Your body gleaming in the sunshine. Only the thin material of your deep blue bikini shielding you from my lustful glances. As you walked to the lounger I marvelled at the gentle sway of your breasts in their silky hammock, the form of your butt beneath made me gasp. I loved watching.

You bent at the waist showing me your fine legs and almost exposing yourself to me. My hand moving faster now. Not wanting you to move, But you did. As you lay back on the lounger, your gaze hidden behind your large rimmed glasses I took in the natural rise and fall of your breasts and the gorgeous contours of your body. You reach for the sun cream, squirting some out you gently caress your legs, first one, then the other. Sun bouncing off your skin. your hands travel up your body, across your stomach. As you cup your breast, slowly rubbing in circles, covering your delicious globes in the oily liquid. You sit back and take in the sun, as I stay hidden. Peering through my blinds, slowly building up speed on my throbbing cock as I gaze down upon your slick body.

Five, then ten minutes pass as I stand motionless except my palm running up and down the length of my shaft. I watch, taking in every movement of your glorious sunkissed skin. As I’m get closer and closer, wanting to reach out and take you, the pleasure is overted from my eyes as you sit up. Turning over. I feel deflated, your breasts hidden from me. But now, your gorgeous ass is there for my eyes to feast on. Sitting proud, waiting to be grabbed and massaged, oh how I wish I could. You turn and get more sun cream, this time it’s hard for you, you can’t reach, you rub your shoulders. the backs of your legs, the slick oil shiny and polishing your skin. But you can’t reach everywhere, defeated you return the cream to the ground and lie back down.

“This is it” I thought to myself, seeing you struggle. “This is your chance.”

Without a second thought I turned away from the window. grabbing my shorts I pulled them up. “No need for underwear if this works, haha” I laughed to myself as I dismounted the stairs.

Staring out the kitchen window I see you still lying there on the lounger. “Now come on Matt, this is it!” and with a deep breath I sneak out into the garden and upto the gate to yours. As I slowly take in the lucious body laid prone in front of me I unhitch the latch and take a step forward.

You turn, you’re startled for just a moment as you realise it’s only me. You smile, warming my heart, calming my nerves. You try to get up find out what I want. I reach out and place a hand on your shoulder, gently pushing you back down. you look at me puzzled. I pick up the bottle of suncream, and before you protest my hand is rubbing soft circles on your back. My hand is soft and gentle, loving the feel of your velvety skin beneath. You give up, you like it too much. You smile at me again and lie back down. As my hands keep moving, lower, lower still, my thumb brushes the top of your bikini panties. You don’t move, but I feel you twitch, tense up for just a moment, then relax again. I remove my hand, you think it’s over, you think i’m done, but my hand quickly moves to your knees, rubbing more lotion into your smooth skin. I know you’ve done this already, but you don’t stop me, I smile to myself as my hands travel a little further. This time squeezing, almost massaging your lower thighs between my fingers. The slicknes of your skin allows my hand to roam easily up and down, from side to side, reaching further and further.

You feel the tips of my fingers at the tops of your thighs, then higher, and higher, i let one finger slip under the elastic of your panties. You don’t move. My other hand does the same, now both my hands are planted firmly on your butt, my fingers squeeze gently, then start slowly rubbing, squeezing a little more. I hear you breathe, then an unmistakable moan escapes. I rub hard, my fingers fully beneath the fabric, slipping between your cheeks. I stop, pulling my hands away.

You feel the material being pulled at, and a second later the bow, tied so neatly is undone. you move your hand down to stop me, but as you do the otherside is quickly released. I grasp your hand in mine and give it a loving squeeze, then return to your panties. Taking a string in each hand I slowly reveal your gorgeous ass to the summer breeze. you shiver as a breath of wind whistles passed us. caressing your oily skin with it’s cooling wafts.

My hands retake their positions, massaging deeply as my fingers slip between them. I roll your flesh around playing with it as my thumbs slip downward, sliding up the inside of your thighs and right up inbetween. You gasp as I make contact. “You’re wet” I say, softly, matter-of-factly. All you can do is nod. I run two fingers between your legs, from top to bottom they slide effortless against your skin as you bite down on the towel. My other hand, busy with the buttons on my shorts, I free my aching cock.

I slide forward up the lounger. you feel my thighs pushing your legs apart, you look over your shoulder, with your mouth open, wanting to stop me. Then you feel the head sliding down between your cheeks, nudging you as you gasp. My hands take hold of your hips pulling you backwards. You try to stop yourself but you know it’s just a matter of time, then as you let yourself go, my cock pushes it’s way into your pussy. An inch more, then another and you gasp, louder, louder as I push deeper inside you. You#8217;re so wet, no resistance, slick and smooth like your oily body. I reach around you slipping my hand into your bra and squeeze your large breast.

Your hands fly over your head, grasping at my hair as I slowly pull out of you only to slam back in. All those days of quietly stroking while watching you. All those times I came while wishing I was doing just this was all being brought to use. I pull you up to me, ramming my dick into your pussy with a passion I hadn#8217;t found for years. Using you as some fucktoy, as I saw fit. pushing you back down and taking hold of your hips, my full weight bearing down on you as I slam my hips forward once more. Over and over again. The lounger bouncing with every movement.

I reach down, taking you in my arms once more, I pull you to the ground, me lying beneath you, still deep inside you. you prop your thighs up and i keep my rhythm, bucking wildly at your ass. My arms tightly woven around your chest. each thrust driving you closer, I feel your pussy contract, I feel the warmth and wetness bathing me. My cock grows tight as your pussy grips it’s shaft. You start mumbling incoherantly. your hands gripping my forearms, nails digging in, then you scream out loud and I feel the eruption of your orgasm from deep inside you. I keep pushing, keep driving my hard cock in and out of your pussy, feeling your juices flowing down my shaft, over my balls and thighs. The bliss is too much as my cock grows rigid. I pull out just in time as my spasming cock explodes, thick ropes of cum splashing up over your stomach, landing warmly on your skin.


We come back from the party late and I shut the door behind you. I’m in my best tuxedo and you’re in a long red dress. I give you a long look before sliding my hand up your arm and to your throat and slamming you against the wall. I lean close and whisper “I bet you loved all those guys staring at you didn’t you?”

Taking me completely by surprise, I gasp and shake my head “No, of course not!”

I kiss your cheek, then your mouth then your neck and slide my hand up your bare leg and under your dress. “I bet you were thinking about their thick cocks punishing your pussy weren’t you?”

Scared of what my punishment would be if I was to admit this was exactly what I was thinking, I shake my head “No, I wasn’t thinking about them, just you”

“Oh really?” I slide my hand across your smooth pussy, elicting a gasp from you. “Is that why you’re so wet right now?” I slide my middle finger into you deep and pull it out and suck on it. “Delicious”

I bite down on my lip trying to hide the moan escaping my mouth but it doesn’t help. “Please… I want a taste too”

I swipe my finger back across your pussy and hold it up, just barely touching your lips

I stick out my tongue but you pull away and I frown “Please? Just a little taste?”

I slap you with my other hand. “Must we go through this again?”

I quickly shake my head. “No sir. I’m sorry. It won’t happen again. Can I please taste my pussy sir?”

I offer you my finger again and touch it to your lips.

I open my mouth and while staring into your eyes, wrap my mouth around your fingers and suck them clean.

“Good girl.” I take you hand and lead you upstairs to the bedroom and bend you over the bed and lift your skirt up so I can see your ass. I give you a spanking until your cheeks are bright red and ready for me.

Your fingers slide down and spread my wetness around, teasing me for what feels like forever. “Please sir, please. I can’t take anymore, please…”

I loosen my bowtie and undo my fly and let my cock emerge. I slide it between your legs and let your pussy juices lube it up before I slowly insert the tip into your waiting snatch.

You stop at just the tip, but I want more. I moan and push myself back, taking your entire cock inside me.

I moan hard and grab your hips and start to fuck you hard. I unzip your dress and start to pull it off you as I pound the shit out of your wet slit with my thick cock.

My moans grow louder as my orgasm starts to build. Each thrust pushing me closer and closer to the point of no return. I squeeze around you as you thrust relentlessly into me.

I pull out and watch you collapse onto the bed gasping for air. I strip the rest of your dress off and push you onto the bed. I take the rest of my suit off and crawl on top of you and spread your legs wide and push them up above your head. I thrust my cock back into you deep and hard.

I lay there, spent from my orgasm, letting you throw me around any way you like, an letting you go at whatever pace you like.

“Now did I say you could cum before?” I ask as I pound your pussy again hard.

“No sir” is the only thing I can manage to make into words as I can feel another orgasm building faster than the first.

I start to thrust hard into you, slamming my thick cock deep into your pussy trying hard to make you cum around me again.

I can feel every inch pounding and stretching me, pulling me closer and closer to to another release. “Please, please sir…”

“You may cum now”

As soon as the words leave your mouth you push faster, harder, deeper, and the only thing I can do is let you make me cum again. The orgasm rushes over my body and all my energy is gone in an split second.

“Mmm fuck” I moan hard

My heavy breathing turns into moans as you keep thrusting into me. “Fuck me till you cum sir. Please cum for me”

I grunt and thrust into you and flood your pussy with my hot cum until it starts to flow out of you and onto the sheets.

“Mmm thank you sir I love the feeling of your cum dripping out of me” I say with a huge smile on my face.

I put the car in park and get out and open your door and help you out. you grin and kiss me as we walk into the mall food court. I slap your butt playfully on our way in, admiring the short skirt you wore today.

It was the skirt you liked the most, it showed off my ass perfectly when I wore a thong, or better yet, when I didn’t wear anything. I had let you pick out my outfit today, but the panties you had picked out slipped my mind when I was getting dressed. I didn’t tell you because I thought you would be mad. I had no idea why you were taking me to the mall, I just though wearing nothing under your favorite skirt would make things a little more fun.

We walk into the food court and sit down. I leave and come back with food and smirk at you as I sit down next to you and casually let my hand brush against your leg. As we chat and eat, you can feel my hand sliding up and down your leg in the way you love and gently squeezing your thigh as my fingers start to slide under your skirt.

I thought nothing of it at first. You did that all the time, nothing out of the ordinary really, but when you didn’t stop after a couple of minutes I knew something was up. Quite literally too. As I glanced down at you hand I noticed through your pants that you were starting to get hard. I had no choice but to grab your hand and pull I away from me right then, things would escalade fast if I didn’t.

I smiled and we finished eating before taking your hand again. we started into a store and started to shop. well you did, I looked at your tight body. A few times you caught me and gave your ass a little slap to remind me of what was to come. When you asked to try something on I knew I had a chance. As you walked into the changing room, I pushed in after you and shut and locked the door before shoving your roughly against the wall and putting my hand to your mouth

You had been rough before but this was pushing it, my heart was racing as I’ve never seen you act like this before but for some reason it was a huge turn on. My face was pressed against the wall as your hand ran up my leg and under my skirt. Smiling as you felt nothing but the smoothness of pussy and my juices already flowing.

I started to finger you slowly and deeply as I kissed your neck and pushed your skirt up around your waist so I could get at you better. it only made it sexier knowing that in the next booth was some poor sob that would never get to see something this hot

From the way I was breathing you could tell I was doing everything I could to hold back moans. Your hand still covering my mouth, you pushed harder and faster. My hips started to buck back to meet your fingers. I wanted more but this felt so good I didn’t want you to ever stop.

I unbuttoned your skirt and let it fall around your heels and bent you over and knelt down so I could let my tongue invade your pussy

A small gasp escaped and all I heard was a loud smack followed by the stinging pain radiating from where you had just smacked my ass. That was my cue to be quite, and it sure worked. I could hear people outside the room wondering what the sound was and where it had come from.

I let my tongue slide up and down your inner thighs as I licked up your cum and pushed it back into your pussy. As I tongue fucked you, I let my hand travel up into your shirt and squeeze a breast hard and pinched your nipple

If we weren’t in a change room, I would have been begging you to fuck me, but I couldn’t. It wasn’t long before you spun me around and pushed me to the ground anyways.

I pushed you legs out as far as I could and undid my fly in record time to let my cock flop out on top of your sweet pussy

By now all I wanted was you inside me. I no longer cared where we were or who was listening, I just wanted you. I reached down to rub myself as you slowly slipped inside me.

I stifled a groan by biting my lip hard and kissing you as I slowly pumped my hips in and out of you, trying to make the slick sounds of our cum less noisy

I knew we had to make this quick, I squeezed my muscles to tighten my grip on you. You hardly had room squeeze back in but the tight fit was nothing but a turn on for you. each time you went in and out you were closer to cumming.

I fucked you hard and deep until you could feel me tensing up in that familiar way. You quickly wrapped your legs around me and pulled me deeper and kissed me on the neck. Suddenly you felt your pussy filled up with my hot cum as it burst out of my cock

All I could do was smile and wonder how I was going to keep it all from running down my leg later. As you pulled out you could see some cum starting to come out already, but with a couple pushes from your fingers it was all back inside me.

I opened the door a crack and slipped out first without anyone noticing. I peeked under the door from outside and watched as you stumbled then manged to get your long legs back into your skirt and come outside

Wach Me 

Mr. Thomas sit’s at his desk and shuffles the papers around. In front of him, Angel fidgits in her seat. She’s the only one in the room for detention this Friday for blowing a boy in the bathroom. He glances up at her and shakes his head as he makes a mark on his paper

Angel wanted detention. She didn’t blow that boy for nothing, she wanted more time with Mr. Thomas. She was sitting there watching him mark papers but she only had one thing on her mind. She was sucking on her pen, twisting and twirling it with her tongue, hoping it would catch his attention. She could see him glance up every once in a while but she was sure he was focusing on what was hiding behind her tight fitting shirt.

He flicked his eyes up again and saw her stretch and make her breasts press against the fabric of her shirt and see her hard nipples poke through. He momentarily lost his train of thought and dropped his pen on the floor. Angel opened her beautiful eyes and looked right at him and caught him staring before he dove under his desk to get his pen. It was then that he saw her legs open beneath her skirt and pull it up a little to flash him her thong

Her plan was working. She wanted him no matter what it took. Mr. Thomas came up from under his desk and tried not to make eye contact. He could see her hand glide over her body giving her pussy a little rub. She picked up a paper she was supposed to be working on, stood up and walked to his desk ‘Could you give me a hand with this Mr. Thomas? I don’t quite understand the question’ she said with one finger slightly in her mouth.

He looked at her “What seems to be the problem?” She leaned over his desk and made sure her arms framed her breasts just right. “I just don’t understand my health homework”

'Well you see you-' he started to explain what she needed to do, but she wasn't listening. She was just standing there, leaned over on the desk swaying her hips side to side, and nodding every once in a while to make it seem like she was listening. She couldn't stop thinking about him bending her over the desk and punishing her like the bad little girl she was.

"Angel, Angel, are you listening to me?" She snaps out of it and looks at him and says she is. "But you know there’s one thing I still don’t understand" She comes around his desk and kneels between his legs and gently strokes the front of his pants. "How does it go from being soft to hard so fast?" She kisses his pants then moves up to his lips and swirls her tongue with his.

"Wh-what are you doing Angel?!" he said as he pushed her away. She put her hands on his pants and slowly started to rub, looking him in the eye with an evil grin. "Shhh, it’s alright. I know you’ve been watching me in class, why do you think I purposely got detention?" he looked at her for a minute before he pulled her back in for another kiss.

He gets up out of her chair and pushes her down on the desk and feels her wrap her legs around his back. He kisses her hard and grins his crotch against her wet thong. He can feel her start to fumble with his belt and zipper as he started to slide his hand up her leg toward her thong string

She felt him growing harder by the second. She got his belt undone and pulled everything down in one fluid motion. She smiled and placed her hand around his hard cock. He kissed her as a moan left his mouth. He pushed her back, forcing her hands off of him. He had been thinking about what was behind her shirt since detention started, and now was his time to find out.

He gripped her shirt and tore it open, the buttons snapping off and her bare breasts spilling out. He leaned down and sucked hard on her hard nipples, squeezing and massaging them in his hands. He kissed lower down her tight young body, pushed up her skirt and started to pull her thong down with his teeth, getting the first taste of her sweet pussy.

He grabbed her legs and pulled them from around his waist. She was so wet and wanted this so bad. Thinking she about to have him eat her out like there was no tomorrow, he pulled her to her feet and turned her around. “You’ve been a bad bad girl Angel. Mr. Thomas needs to punish you for your actions” A grin formed on her face. She always wondered what it would be like to have a teacher punish her properly.

He started by giving her ass a few hard spanks until her cheeks were a bright red. With every slap, she let out a moan and pressed her face to the cool desk. When he stopped, she looked back and saw him licking her ass and heading toward her wet slit. He gave her a good long lick and then sucked hard on her clit and pressed his tongue deep into her pussy

Her moans were loud. His hand went up to her head and pushed it into the desk. Her moans went from pleasure to desperate, he knew she wanted him inside her but wanted to hear her beg. He ran a finger along her clit and pushed it deep into her pussy. Her moans got closer together as he finger fucked her harder. She couldn’t take it anymore, she wanted him inside her right now “please” she gasped. “What, did you say something Angel?” she moaned. “Please, please sir, fuck me”

He stood up and rubbed his cock across her smooth ass and slowly pressed it into her wetness with a groan and started to fuck her hard into his desk

She gasped at how big he was, she could feel him hitting her g spot without even trying to. She tried to buck back into him but he thrusted harder, pushing her hips against he desk, not going anywhere. She was trying so hard to keep quiet but the sound of a man moaning as he fucked her was such a turn on. He was grunting as he fucked her and spread her ass apart so he could get deeper. She was close, she started to tighten around him but as soon as he felt her tighten he pulled out and turner her around.

he flipped her over onto her back and put his hands on her chest and slide his hard member back into her wet snatch. She gasped as she was filled up again and felt his lips press themselves to hers and felt his tongue invade her mouth. Her legs clamped around him and pull him in deeper and deeper into her and worked her pussy around his cock, trying to make him blow his load inside of her.

She had never been fucked this good before. Maybe it was the though of her teacher fucking her, or the risk that someone would see them, whatever it was it was making her want more. As he thrust in and out, she squeezed her pussy tighter around him. That was her way of making herself come even harder. He grunted at how tight she had made herself as she moaned she was going to come. He dropped to his knees and buried his face in her.

As she came and her pussy started to pulse and squeeze around him, there was a knock on the door. They both stopped moving, hardly daring to breath. When the second knock came, he pulled her off of him and threw her under his desk along with her clothes and his pants. He quickly pulled on his shirt and sat down before saying, “Come in, it’s open.”

"Hello Mr. Thomas, I have a quick question I need to ask you" it was the principal, she would definitely be expelled from school and him lose his job if he was to find out what was going on. she didn’t care, the way his cock was hovering above the edge of the chair, it was begging to be sucked. She gently touched it, being sure not to alarm him. Stroking it gently she knew it wouldn’t be long before he couldn’t think straight.

"Hello sir" he replied twitching slightly as he felt her fingers slowly moving up and down his slick shaft. "I was wondering if you would help me out next week with the field trip to the science center," the principal continued. "Oh s-s-sure I can, I’ll be h-happy to," Thomas replied shaking as her lips parted and he felt her tongue snake out and flick the head of his cock and suck gently on him.

"Good, I was hoping you would be free, you’re one ok the students favorite teachers. Are you alright Mr. Thomas? You’re looking a little pale?" he said. "Mmm mhmm, yeah, yes I’m fine sir, my mind has just been clogged with a bunch of marking lately" she sucked hard and then forced herself all the way down his cock. "Alright then, I’ll leave you to your marking, see you next week" he said. He could only grumble out an mmhmm as an answer. As she heard his footsteps getting farther away, she sucked and stroked faster.

The door shut and Thomas threw back his head and groaned and he put his hand on the back of her head and forced her to deepthroat him hard and fast.

She wanted him to explode in her mouth, she wanted to Tass him. He let go of her head but she still went down as far as she could. She. And up for air and looked him in the eye “I want you to come in my mouth” she said with an evil grin. Wrapping her soft warm mouth around him once more, she brought up her hand again, hoping he would cum faster.

He moaned and let go, letting his cum explode out of his cock and flood her mouth and throat. She greedily sucked as hard as she could, trying to swallow it all and not miss a single drop. As soon as his cock stopped pulsing, she pulled off and licked her lips and stood up and gave him a kiss

He didn’t want it to be over, he wished they could fuck all day long. He pulled her down onto his lap and kissed her. “So, will you think about what happens in detention next time you blow some random guy?” he asked. She smiled “Maybe, but detention is worth it”

He told me to be at his place at 7pm sharp. I had no idea what was going on, just that he had an idea. Five minutes early I’m sitting in my car outside his house. Nervous for what was to come. He never got this excited, only when it was something kinky or he knew it would win me over. I took a deep breath and stepped out of my car and walked to the door. I knocked on the door almost shaking, I don’t know why I was so nervous, it’s not like we’ve never had sex before. He opened the door and greeted me with a big hug and a kiss and walked me to the kitchen table to sit me down. ‘Are you ready for what I have planned for tonight hun?’ he asked me with a big smile. I wasn’t. He came over to kneel next to where I was sitting. He pulled a blindfold from his pocket and said ‘Your safe word is red, okay?’ I nodded as a grin started to form on my face. He stood up, kissed me, and tied the blindfold so I was in complete darkness, I saw nothing. He was sitting close, I could tell. He picked up a chocolate covered strawberry and put it at my lips. I grinned and happily took a bite. He grabbed both of my hands and pulled me to my feet. Walking behind me with his hands on my hips, he guided me to the bedroom. I had been to his house enough times to have an idea of where we were, but I wasn’t sure. Sitting me down he didn’t say a word, just sat there and watched me smile in anticipation. Trying not to make a sound, he walked to the bed and planted a kiss on my lips, a long passionate kiss that gave me butterflies and laid me back onto the bed. He traced his lips down my chin and to my neck, gently sucking and licking. Working his way down to my collarbone he started to take my shirt off. Pulling it over my head with one hand on my back undoing my bra, the other squeezed my bare breast. Arching my back as his lips pulled my hard nipple into his mouth, and flicking his tongue against it. I had no idea where he would be next, where his hands would land, his lips, it was driving me crazy. His hands on my hips, unbuttoning my pants while his mouth is still teasing my nipples, he pulled off my pants and I felt nothing for a minute. All I could hear was his breathing getting heavier and the sound of his shirt and pants coming off. I grinned as I knew he was just standing there, looking at me and getting hard. He climbed back onto the bed, spreading my legs so he could kneel between them. I could feel his hard cock as he knelt between my legs and leaned down to kiss my neck. I arched my back as I felt his lips going down my chest and down my stomach. He was such a tease, he knew it drove me crazy and I would be begging for him in minutes. Starting at my foot, he kissed up to my knee, then every inch of my inner thigh up to my lips, exhaling as he passed over them, and starting again at my other foot. I could feel myself becoming wetter by the second, exactly what he wanted. I could feel him lay down between my legs, grabbing my ass and pulling me closer to his tongue. He pulled my legs apart more, exposing my hard clit to the cool air. Gently pulling my lips apart, he hovered just above my pussy, I could feel the warmth as he exhaled and then finally he took a long, strong slow lick. He stopped for a moment to smile at my body convulsing from what he just did (at least I think he was smiling, I couldn’t exactly see) His hands came around my thighs to grab a hold of my hips. I grabbed both his hands as I began to move my hips searching for his mouth. “Mmm you really want this don’t you babe” I just moaned and squeezed his hands and kept searching for his lips. He kissed my pussy like he would my mouth, that was always his starting point. From there he darted his tongue across my clit, left right up down little circles big circles,he did everything until he found what got me to moan the loudest. Once he found that, he moved down a little and fucked me with his tongue. That got me the wettest and he knew it. Licking back up, he sucked my clit into his mouth and ran his tongue across it. He knew from the way I was wiggling I wanted more. His hand left my hip and came to my mouth to suck on. Knowing what was coming made me incredibly excited. He pulled his hands away from my mouth and ran his wet fingers along my clit so lightly I got chills. They didn’t stay there long, he slid them down and inside me. My back arched which was his cue to keep going until I was shaking. His mouth sucked my clit again as his fingers worked inside me, eventually curling to reach my g spot. I couldn’t help but grab his hair and grind myself against him as he was bringing me so close to orgasm. Working my g spot like he always did I could feel my legs start to shake, my breathing heavy and my orgasm so close. Within seconds my grip tightened on his hair, my thighs tightened around his head and I had no control over what was coming out of my mouth. I loved cumming this hard but it took all of the energy out of me, and he knew it, he wanted me to do whatever he wanted and that was the only way I wouldn’t put up a fight. His tongue didn’t stop after I had relaxed, he cleaned up every drop of the mess he had created, just the way I liked it. I just laid there, no muscle strength whatsoever. Once my body convulsions stopped he took one last lick looking me in the eye and smiled. My breathing was still heavy as he came up for a kiss. I could taste myself all over his lips and tongue, he knew it drove me crazy to taste the mess I created on his lips, so he quickly moved on. He moved his way up so his rock hard cock was lined up with my mouth. His legs we’re on either side of me pinning my arms at my side. He was already hard and it was only a matter of time before he was finished. The warmth of my mouth and the tightness of my throat had him moaning like crazy. He crawled down my body again, letting his throbbing cock bounce across my body. By the time he got down to finger me again I was already soaked. Smiling, he said nothing, just looked at me and pushed into me. I couldn’t help but close my eyes and enjoy the sensations coming over my body. Still having no strength to stop him, he went faster and faster, causing me to moan and run my hands over whatever part of him happened to be close. He propped up a couple pillows beside us, picked me up and leaned me over them. Doggy was his favorite, especially when I couldn’t object to it. It was only a matter of seconds before he was thrusting at full speed, and releasing inside me. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of warm cum shooting inside you. His favorite part though, when I prop myself up and it dripped out. He rolled me over, grabbed my panties and slid them back on. Reaching behind my head he carefully untied the blindfold. He had the biggest, most satisfied grin I’ve ever seen on his face. Finally having my strength back I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him in for a giant hug. ‘I sure hope you’re staying here tonight’ he whispered. Before I could answer he laid down behind me and pulled me in to snuggle. He was passed out in about 5 seconds and I wasn’t far behind. We woke up in the same position the next morning :)

I knock the door with my gf and shift my weight a little nervous. “relax” she says, “she’s a good friend of mine and will treat you right” she gives me a kiss on the cheek and rubs the front of my jeans

Today was the day. I’d hardly gotten any sleep the night before because I was too excited for what was to come. My panties had been soaked all day, and gotten even wetter as waited in anticipation for you to show up.
The doorbell rang and my heart skipped a beat. It was happening. It was no longer just talk, it was really happening. One of my good friends and her man were on the other side of the door. I stood up and walked towards the door. Making sure I looked alright in the mirror beside the door. Taking a deep breath I opened the door and couldn’t help but smile. ‘Hi! Please come in’ I said as you both walked through the door. I closed it and made sure it was locked tight.

I looked around still a slight bit jumpy, but reassured by her friendliness. I walked down the hall to the living room and dropped my jacket on the couch and looked back. Annie was holding hands with Ashley, at least I think that was her name, and was giggling and chatting. my eyes traced both their legs, trying to picture them without their jeans and shirts on. I already knew Annie wasn’t wearing panties because she had been slowly rubbing herself on the car ride over and made quite a mess. I sat back and took a deep breath and when I opened my eyes, they were both looking back at me

I could see you were uneasy. I looked at Annie and smiled. She knew what would make you warm up to this situation. She stood up and grabbed your hand in one hand and mine in the other. She knew where my room was, she had been there many times before. She pulled us both down the hallway and I could feel myself getting wetter every step I took. I couldn’t stop giving you the fuck me look, and you were giving it right back. As we reached the bed Annie let go of my hand but pulled you onto the bed sitting you down. ‘You just stay there, you can join in when you feel comfortable’ she said.

I sat and watched as Annie pull Ashley against her and started kissing her hard. She was a little surprised at first, but soon Ashley had her hands on my girlfriends ass and was grinding against her, their tongues in each others mouths. Ashley kissed down Annie’s neck and she let out a small moan as she loved being kissed there and let Ashley slide her shirt up and over her head before I realized that Annie wasn’t wearing a bra either. She gave me a wink as my pants started to tent and shuddered as Ashley started licking and sucking on her bare nipples. It wasn’t long before Annie pulled her back up, gave her a quick peck and pushed her down on the bed next to me and started tearing off her own shirt.

There I was, laying there on the bed with no shirt. I felt really vulnerable and uneasy, but the second that crossed my mind Annie places her lips on my neck. One hand on my breast she softly massaged it before her lips made contact with my nipple. The suction coming from her lips was insane. I completely understood why you stayed with her. I could feel her hand tugging at my jeans. Before I knew it they were undone and she was kissing down my stomach as she slid my pants off.

I scooted over and kissed Ashley deeply as Annie went down on her and started sucking hard on her tight little pussy through her panties. I saw her legs spring open and she moaned into my mouth and let one hand wrap around my head and the other push Annie deeper against her. Annie pull down her panties and threw them at me playfully. I looked at the thin material and the huge wet spot in the crotch and got turned on even more. I struggled out of my shirt and my pants and dropped to the floor and pulled annie away and gave her a kiss. “Sit back for a minute” I told Ashley as I pushed Annie to the bed and pulled her pants off in one fluid motion. She shrieked and giggled as I pushed her legs apart and started eating her, then shifted back to Ashley

As you licked and sucked at my tight little pussy I couldn’t help but moan and grab at anything within reach. I grabbed Annie and pulled her down to me. I could see my juices on her lips and wanted to taste it so bad. I pulled her close and kissed her, cleaning her mouth of my juices. She pulled away and smiled, and moved into position so I could lick her sweet little pussy. Annie hesitated as she sat down, she was afraid she would scare me off with how much she wanted it. I reached up and pulled her hips down bringing here close so my tongue could explore every inch of her.

I gave Annie a look and she licked her lips and nodded and watched as I slid my hard cock deep into Ashley and kissed my girlfriend at the same time.

Slowly at first, you pumped in and out of me. I moaned and sucked Annie even more which made her moan as she kissed you which made you go faster. It was a vicious circle, in the best way. I brought my hand under her and slid a finger inside. She was tight, but very wet and loved me fingering her as I flicked my tongue against her clit.

I grunted as I fucked Ashley and kissed Annie hard and told her to flip around so her ass was facing me. She did as she was told and turned around and started kissing you and sucking her own cum off of Ashley’s tongue. I gave Annie’s ass a slap and pulled my wet, cum covered cock out of Ashley and slipped it into my girlfriend’s familiar sweet pussy. I moaned and slapped her ass hard a few times and pulled her hair so she would buck against me

I found myself staring up at Annie’s breasts bouncing back and forth with each thrush into her. I propped a pillow under my head and placed my lips around her nipple. My hands tracing down her body, one hand landed on my pussy and the other on her’s. I started to rub both at the same time, going harder and faster with the sounds coming from Annie’s mouth. My fingers made their way down inside my warm pussy as I started to finger myself.

I can hear Annie moaning and feel her pussy squeezing me. I know she’s close to cumming, so I speed up and giver her three hard thrusts and watch as she screams and drenches my cock and Ashley’s rapidly rubbing fingers in cum. Annie collapses on top of her breathing hard while I slip my still hard cock back into Ashley while she rubs her clit and push her legs up and onto my shoulders

As you see my fingers sliding over me faster and faster, you take that as your cue to go faster. Licking my other hand of Annie’s cum I look at her and smile. She reaches down to pull my hand away and replaces it with hers. Rubbing faster and faster with each second you can feel me tighten around you with my orgasm coming any second, but you’re not sure how much longer you can go without exploding.

I groan and pull out and climb on the bed. Instantly the two of you come around to either side and start kissing each other around my cock and fingering the hell of out your pussies

Both of us licking up and down you, she can tell you’re about to cum so she take the head and sucks on it leaving me in charge of making you cum. I place my hand around you and stroke into her mouth. Annie reaches around me and slides 2 fingers inside me. Curling her fingers to hit the right spots, I jerk you even harder as I moan uncontrollably. Its all too much for you to handle. You reach down to move my hand but we pin you down so you have no control. Throwing your head back you cum in Annie’s mouth. And like a good girl, she doesn’t let a drop slip out of her mouth. She looks at me as I’m pouting because she didn’t share the fun, but she sticks out her tongue to show me all the cum she hadn’t swallowed yet.

"kiss her" I say weakly. "be a good girl and share Annie"

We both lean over you and she kisses me, pushing your cum back and forth between us. When we pull away a line of spit/cum still links us together. We both look at you, swallow and smile. Collapsing on either side of you, you put your arms around us and pull us closer. Annie reaches over to grab my hand and intertwines our fingers and places them on your chest.

Let’s assume I am in love with you, that you, the reader are the one in which I am experiencing my first sexual experience.

I gently push you down on the bed, straddling you as I kiss you softly, letting my hands roam all over your body. My lips move from yours, to your ear, biting your lobe tenderly, trailing down to your neck, licking, kissing, breathing as I watch the chills run down your body, like a wave of excitement. Slowly, I slink down your stomach, kissing you as I make my way to your throbbing member. I look up at you, your eyes say what your mouth needs not. I know what you want, my soft lips and warm tongue taking your cock into my mouth, but I do not. Instead, I smile mischievously and give your inner thigh a little nibble, and I take your rock hard cock into my hand, I leisurely move my hand up and down. My eyes flash up to yours quickly, smiling timidly, I look back down, your balls are right there, beckoning my mouth to move closer, I gently suck them and flick my tongue, I can hear your breathing increase, it sends chills down my spine to know that I am doing something to make you happy, something that feels as good as it looks. A light blush covers my cheeks, shaking it off, I take the tip of my tongue and languidly move up your shaft, breathing softly, and kissing the head of your cock, and licking down the other side. Your body shakes and I know you want more. I take the head of your cock into my mouth, still moving my hand up and down as my mouth sucks and my tongue licks. After a few moments of what must be torture on your part, I take your entire length in my mouth, your hand is on my head, pushing my face down and your cock further into my throat. A small moan escapes my otherwise occupied throat. You let out a low grunt and I know you’re about to blow your load, I pull away, and place your cock in my hand, moving up and down, you let out another low grunt and you cum, on my face, in my mouth, on my tits. I lick it off your dick, so happy that I made you cum for me.

Pleased with myself, I stand up and rub your cum all over my tits, my nipples standing at attention, wanting your tongue swirling, flicking, sucking, and gently biting them. I get on top of you, and you roll me over, it is your turn, you kiss my lips roughly, sliding your hands down my body, and back up to my breasts. You breathe in my ear, now I am the one with chills all up and down my body. You smile as you feel me squirming beneath you, you make your way to my breasts, flicking your tongue across my nipple and massing my other breast with your hand. You still have a free hand, it makes its way to my little, pink, dripping wet, pussy. I let out a moan of pleasure as you simultaneously suckle my nipple and slide a finger between my pussy lips. Your finger lethargically strokes up and down my pussy, every so often, circling my clit, getting me to a point where I can hardly stand it, and slowly making your way up and down again. Your mouth has started toying with my other nipple, slowly nibbling, making it taunt with desire. My fingers are running through your hair, and I let out a gasp as your finger slips into my hole, then two. You pump in and out, I let out a scream of ecstasy, and a wave of euphoria covers my sight, all I know is what I feel, your fingers, pumping in and out of my pussy. I’m about to cum, but you stop, not allowing me to fulfil my needs.

You look at me, knowing full well what I want and need from you. You kiss my neck, my breathing is labored, whispering sweet nothings in my ear, you tell me it will only hurt for a moment, but I’m not scared, I want this, I want you, inside of me, our bodies entangled, no longer being two separate beings, but one being, finally complete. I wrap my arms around your neck and you kiss my cheek. You guide your cock into my pussy, slowly entering me, I bite my lip, a moan escapes my throat and you let out a sigh of relief, pushing farther in, I feel my hymen break, but it doesn’t hurt the way I expected it too, a pinch, and it was done, I let out a yelp, and all is done. I rotate my hips as you plunge in and out of my tight little hole, my nails digging into your back, I want to scream again, this pleasure is unlike anything I have every felt, just as I am about to let it out, you kiss me, muffling my sounds. You go in and out, pushing harder and harder with every thrust, I’m going to cum, I can feel it, every fiber of my being is alert, I know what is going to happen next, and with one simply thrust, I feel my body release everything I had been withholding, I let out a scream of absolute passion, and you, you cum inside me, filling me completely. A sheer coat of sweat covers our bodies, completely lost in the moment, you kiss me softly, sweetly, over and over.

At this point, words are not needed, we just lie there, together, entangled, completely as one.

Submitted by sexcrazedvirgin

A.   I wake up to the knocking on my front door of my apartment.  Too tired from last night to put on a shirt, I stumble down the hallway to the door and look through the peep hole.  In front of me is a beautiful brunette with a tan trench coat “I must have met her at the party” I think to myself.  “Can I help you?” I say as I open the door


B.    I bite my lip and look at you. I’m thinking to myself, the things I’m going to do to you. I walk in and push you up against the wall and say “Yes, you can help me” and I push the door closed with my foot. I look in to your eyes and push my body against yours hard and slowly kiss your lips.


A.   My hands instinctively wrap around your body and pull you close as I feel your tongue dance across my lips.  I flick mine out across yours and spin around so you’re the one against the wall now.  Slowly my hands move up your sides and slide through your hair and back down your neck to your waist.


B.    The feel of your body hard against makes me moan, the feelings of your hands exploring my body just gets me more excited. Your hands are on my waist and you push me against your cock, i can feel it growing hard. I let a soft moan escape my lips, letting you kiss my neck.


A.   All your moaning just turns me on more, and the more you squirm and groan under me, the harder I get.  I grab your wrists and pin them up above your head as I kiss you harder.  With my other, I tug at the bottom of the coat with a grin and bite you neck lightly. And whisper, “Whatcha got on under there cutie?”


B.    The feeling of you taking control over my body just makes me want to scream with pleasure. As you tug my jacket it slowly opens, my breathing starts to get heavier, i start to squirm underneath you. You look at my eyes then lips, your eyes start to slowly scan down my body, I bite my lip hoping you like what you see.


A.   Your heavy breathing makes your bare breasts with their hard nipples stand out even more.  As you watch my eyes travel lower across your thin frame, you cross your legs and try to cover your bald pussy.  I flick my eyes up at you and shake my head slowly with a smile and drop to a knee and push your legs apart.  I slowly, I drag a finger across your slit and hold a drop of your cum on my finger and taste it.


B.    I get goosebumps from your first touch on my pussy, I look down at you as you taste my cum, i get even more wet. I close my eyes “I’m wet for you” i say, hoping you would just bury your face in my pussy, but i know that you would tease me first and make me beg for you.


A.   I strip off the coat and pick you up and take you to my bed.  Once there I push you back to the sheets and spread your legs wide apart and suck at your wet pussy, enjoying the taste of your cum quickly getting you wetter and wetter from my touch.


B.    The feeling of my legs wide open for you and using your tongue and mouth on my pussy makes me moan. My back arches and my hands grab the sheets, you look up at me with the most sexiest look, you’re getting me uncontrollably wet and horny. I close my eyes and throw my head back, I feel a hand glide up along my stomach and circle my breast and pinch my nipples.


A.   I squeeze at your breast and kiss back up your body to your mouth so you can taste your cum on my lips. I swirl my tongue around with yours and mix spit and cum.  All of a sudden I feel a hands gripping me through my pants and fumbling with my belt and button.


B.    As I’m passionately kissing you, I grab your hard cock through your jeans and you let out the smallest moan. I quickly take off your belt and unbutton your jeans, I push you off me and flip you over. I drag down your jeans of your body and I smile. I trace my fingers on your thighs and over your balls. Your cock is big and hard, I slowly let my tongue glide over it and grab it firmly.


A.   I arch my back moaning and run my fingers through your hair and gently try and push you deeper onto me.  That’s when you pull off and lightly jack me off with an evil grin teasing me.


B.    As I’m slowly rubbing your cock I know I’m teasing you. I love the thought of you begging me. I look down at your cock, and I twirl my tongue around the top of your head and tasting you, I gently suck and slowly your cock is going right down my throat. My warm lips tighten around you, my hands start to rub your balls, your hands grab hold of my hair and push my head down further taking you all in.


A.   “Mm fuck,” I moan as I feel your throat tighten around my cock and the spit flow down my cock, across my leg, and onto the bed.  Your gagging turns me on even more as I thrust up into your hot wet mouth.


B.    I start rubbing my clit as your thrusting yourself in to my mouth. I sit back up and lick the cum from my lips just watching you there naked as I’m playing with myself. I moan gently and bring my 2 fingers up to my mouth and suck on them. I crawl gently over the top of you and kiss your chest and all the way up to your mouth.


A.   I grin as I kiss you and rub the tip of my cock across your slit and push it deep into your soaking wet pussy.  I moan as your tight wet slit squeezes my big cock.


B.    I gasp. The first thrust is always the best. You thrust harder and harder into my wet tight pussy. I moan loud, I can’t hold it in. Each time you push harder in to me my breast bounce up and down. I put my hands on your chest for balance just wanting you to fuck me harder.


A.   I arch my back and thrust deep into you wanting to get as deep as I can before cumming


B.    I get you to go on top of me so you can fuck me harder, I arch my back in to each thrust you do, I’m getting wetter by the second knowing anytime I’m about to come


A.   I smile slowly as I roll my hips into you and lean down over your beautiful body and whisper in your ear. “Cum for me baby”


B.    My moaning gets louder, I kiss you hard and say “I’m cumming”


A.   I tense my hips as your pussy contracts, cumming hard, and shoot my hot load deep into your pussy and press my lips to yours, lost in pleasure


B.    I scream with delight, i arch my back feeling your hot cum shoot inside of me.


A.   As I pump my last shot into you I collapse on top of your body kissing you weakly and smiling. “That was good baby”


B.    I shake my head and say “No, that was amazing” I smile cheekily and kiss you gently